Heakorrateenused OÜ maintenance cleaning is mainly intended for corporate clients. Maintenance cleaning refers to regular interior and exterior cleaning which ensures a nice appearance and pleasant work environment. We specialise in maintenance cleaning foremost in the following areas:

• Factories, warehouses and logistic centres
• Offices and retail areas
• Spas and sport’s clubs

Heakorrateenused has as clients many large warehouses, factories and logistic centres. All of these buildings have in common a large surface area for cleaning which requires a broad scope of experiences as well as appropriate equipment. We perform in workshops, production and storage areas deep cleaning as well as maintenance cleaning.

Office and retail area cleaning requires very high quality as from the client’s perspective the appearance and cleanliness of your company is your first business card. The Heakorrateenused team will ensure that floors and carpets are clean, toilets are spotless and waste baskets emptied; if necessary we replenish and replace hygiene products (paper towels, toilet paper, liquid soap etc.). In addition to maintenance of offices and retail premises we offer window cleaning, deep cleaning of floors, furniture cleaning, façade cleaning as well as other major cleaning tasks.
Cleaning of swimming halls and spas requires professional staff as maintaining high hygiene levels is very important. Cleaning of spas and sport’s clubs involves cleaning common areas and disinfection of floors, gym machines and equipment and in case of saunas and toilets of all other surfaces also, except ceilings. During the opening hours of sport’s clubs and spas maintenance cleaning is done in all areas where visitors are present. The space is checked and maintained as necessary. The maintenance interval is dependent upon visitor intensity.
It is not always possible to remove all dirt during daily maintenance cleaning. In order to achieve a nicer, cleaner environment special tasks need to be performed periodically. Our special services team offers you the following services:

• Construction and post-construction cleaning
• Cleaning after moving
• Extensive post-event cleaning
• Deep cleaning and waxing of floors – makes floor last longer and gives a better appearance
• Deep cleaning of carpets
• Major spring cleaning
• Cleaning of roofs from leaves, branches and wind swept debris, in winter of snow
• Window washing
• Façade cleaning – removal of graffiti, dust, weather damage, dirt from birds etc.
• Snow removal
• Garbage disposal

Furnishing spaces with cleaning materials and hygiene products.
The services helps save the client’s time as hygiene products do not have to be found, bought and installed by oneself. The products are replaced according to use and use is monitored by the cleaning staff that does maintenance cleaning. The service includes:
• Providing and replacing toilet paper and paper towels
• Providing and replacing of soap and air fresheners as required
• Providing and replacing of garbage bags
• Providing and replacing dishwashing products and detergents etc.
• Gardening service – planting and care of flowers, cutting of bushes, weeding, fertilising
• Pest and rodent control

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